Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New rhythmbox mockup

On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 19:16 +0100, Martin Jeppesen wrote:
> > The interface of this mockup will also blend in nicely with the other
> > gnome mediaplayer; Totem.
> It could be very interesting to know why the Totem folks setteled for
> the control toolbar at the bottom.
> I think Totem is the only (?) Gnome program that have the toolbar at
> the bottom, so they most have giving it some thought, and found an
> good argument for doing so.

Here is an argument against:
Having the 'important' parts spread all over the windows make it hard to
have a quick overview of the player state. You can say that well, all
important things are in the bottom now, but then the problem is that the
bottom of the windows are supposed to be the less important zone, since
it's far from the window toolbar, the menu, window title, etc.

Also imagine that the window is moved a little under the bottom, then
the controls are hidden, and the only way to have them back is to make
the window appear fully, and fit on the screen. If the controls are up,
this can't happen, because you are not allowed to move the window above
the panel.


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