Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Toolbars

2005/12/6, Joel Dimbernat <joel dimbernat gmail com>:

> Hello everyone!
> My main concern in using toolbars, is that text is shown under the toolbar
> buttons. I know this behaviour can be disabled, but it's a "general" setting
> ( e.g. if you disable it, it will be disabled for Gedit too).
> My settings are disable text under toolbar buttons, so I want be disturbed
> too much.
> But the default setting is to show text under icon, so new users will have
> this kind of design, which is imho TOO BIG, and for a media player, totally
> useless (everyone know these icons and what the do).

So address a bug to gnome-desktop not Rhythmbox. This behaviour is the
a standard behaviour in the GNOME desktop, so Rhythmbox has a
consistent behaviour.
And no, not everyone knows the meaning of the icons. Imagine this is
first time you use a computer.

> That lead me to my second problem: the use of two toolbars? toolbars are
> already big without the use of two of them.
> I know that toolbars are HIG compliant, but i think their use leads to much
> problems of use of space and design in a media player, and should be as
> limited as possible.

The information toolbar and time slider are not in a definitive state.
You can remove all the New toolbars if You want, take a look in the menu "View".

Baptiste Mille-Mathias

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