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2005/12/6, James Livingston <jrl ids org au>:
G'day everyone,

The patch to make Rhythmbox use a toolbar (bug 316238) which was
discusses on the ML about a month ago has landed in cvs. The noticeable
changes are that the Play button now toggles, and that the seek bar
(song position slider) has moved.

How the toolbar and song information should be laid out still needs
discussion, and isn't finalised. Some of the options that have been
proposed are:

* How it is in current cvs, with the slider below the song info. The
slider can be hidden (in the View menu), and having a larger slider
makes it easier to seek to a particular place.

* How it used to be, with a short slider in the same row as the song
info. This has the advantage if taking up less vertical space.

* Have multiple toolbars, and spread the buttons and info over them:"""">. These do
take up a bit more vertical space.

If anyone has comments for or against any of these, or any other idea,
feel free to let us know.


James "Doc" Livingston
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Hello everyone!

My main concern in using toolbars, is that text is shown under the toolbar buttons. I know this behaviour can be disabled, but it's a "general" setting ( e.g. if you disable it, it will be disabled for Gedit too).

My settings are disable text under toolbar buttons, so I want be disturbed too much.
But the default setting is to show text under icon, so new users will have this kind of design, which is imho TOO BIG, and for a media player, totally useless (everyone know these icons and what the do).

That lead me to my second problem: the use of two toolbars? toolbars are already big without the use of two of them.

I know that toolbars are HIG compliant, but i think their use leads to much problems of use of space and design in a media player, and should be as limited as possible.

My words ca look rude, but I really apreciate the work done on Rhythmbox.
And instead of only criticizing, I'll try to make a patch with my small capabilities.

Thanks for reading.

Joel Dimbernat

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