[Rhythmbox-devel] Autoplaylists: small update + RB sorting bug-fix

G'day everyone,

Nothing spectacular at the moment, I've put up some modification which
are in preparation for me working on Playlist Sorting. But I have fixed
an existing bug (it occurs in 0.8.8, no idea about before that) to do
with library sorting:

Previously you could not sort in descending order on any column if you
had selected any filter (artist/album/genre) or had typed into the
search field.

I've fixed it, as part of thing I was doing anyway to clean up sorting
for Playlist-related things, but I did remove a "feature". The sorting
order used to go Ascending->Descending->Unsorted; where "Unsorted" was
whatever Rhythmbox felt like. I've changed it so it simply alternates
between ascending and descending, because I doubt anyone really used the
"whatever RB feels like" order (and it was easier not to have it there).

Hopefully there aren't any silly bugs I've put in, like last time. I'll
probably have a go at Playlist sorting in the next few days.


James "Doc" Livingston 
"Once one has achived full endarkenment, one is happy to have an
entirely nonfunctional computer" -- Steve VanDevender, ASR

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