Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Newer Version

> > Where do I find rpm's for these?  ... can I use yum to update my system 
> > forRB ?
> The first of the development releases (0.9) isn't out yet. The version
> that people are talking about is one of the development branches, it
> isn't an actual "kind of stable" release, but it seems to work pretty
> well. As such there isn't any RPMs (unless someone else has made some)
> so you'll have to get it from Arch.

If you like to live on the cutting edge, but are intimidated by arch,
you can try the RPMs I rolled up for Fedora 4 Test releases.

I wouldn't expect the binaries to work on FC3, but you may be able to
rebuild the src.rpm.

No yum repo yet, as I can't promise to keep it up to date.

Personally, after using it on a daily basis without any problems, I
think 0.9 is just about ready for release.  If the lead developers can
set a tentative release date, I'll gladly volunteer my time to tracking
down and squishing any remaining bugs.

Damian Christey <christey csee wvu edu>

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