[Rhythmbox-devel] Highlighting displayed genres and artists

In the browser view, the genre selection constrains the list of artists to
only those that have songs in the corresponding genre, and it also
constrains the list of albums similarly.

In the same way, the artists selection constrains the list of albums to only
those that have a song by the given artist.

This left-to-right ordering is generally convenient, but occasionally I'd
like to have a similar thing the other way around.  E.g. I'd like to select
an artist and see the list of genres "constrained" to those that have songs
by the given artist.

I was wondering exactly what kind of interface would make sense for that and
I think the most obvious would be to simply always hilight (i.e. give
a different background) the genres present in the list of songs
currently selected.  Same thing for artists.

In other words, currently the list of albums only includes those albums
present in the current list of songs.  But this is not the case for artists
and genres (the list of genres is always complete while the list of artists
is only constrained by the selected genre but does not take into account
the selected album).  So I suggest to not change but to simply add
highlighting to both the list of genres and the list of albums, such that
those genres and albums present in the current list of songs are hilighted.

Maybe the hilighting of the "genres in the current song list" should be
replaced by a "dehilighting of the genres not in the current song list", but
the idea is to be able to select album X or artist Y and to immediately see
the genres they correspond to.


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