Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Fixing broken links in ryhthmox database

I don't exactly understand your issues... Rhythmbox should detect at
startup songs that no longer are available, and remove them from the
database (though maybe it doesn't work for symlinks, I dunno). 
If you moved files, the simplest way to readd them is to reimport them
to the library...


Le samedi 02 avril 2005 à 12:40 -0500, Duncan Thomson a écrit :
> If media files get removed or moved on the file system, it is difficult 
> to fix up the rhthmbox database.
> The simplest way I can think to fix this would be to be able to tell 
> rhythmbox to simply delete all broken links.  Then, if the files had 
> been moved, I could point it at the new location and have it reimport 
> the information.
> Another feature would be to be able to point at an album and tell 
> rhythmbox that all the songs in the album had moved, and give it the new 
> location.
> Would also be nice to be able to clean up duplicate song entries in some 
> way.  (Saw some discussion of this in the archive from a year ago.)
> Duncan
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