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volvoguy wrote:

If the devs WANTED to add music store funtionality to RB, the only
site I know of that even comes close is Sure, they don't
have a lot of big, mainstream labels on board yet, but they have
high-quality, DRM-free, and 100% LEGAL music. They also have a

I would rather think of
They too provide DRM-free and 100% legal music. But they also give back 65% of the sales to the artists, and provide 192 Kbps MP3's AND -q 6 Ogg Vorbis files, along with cover art and sometimes even lyrics. Songs are $0.99 and albums $9.99. They have a catalog of more than 250,000 songs, offer free downloads from time to time, and provide songs for *sale*, not for rent. If I was to integrate a music store into Rhythmbox, I would definitely choose that store.

Anyway, I think it would be short-sighted to choose ONE store over any other. We're not a company with our own commercial interests. It would be way more appealing and competitive to develop a standard protocol for such integration, write good documentation for it, and give it for any store who wishes to benefit from Rhythmbox's integration to implement.
Imagine having several different "sources" instead of just one!

I know first-hand (I e-mailed them some time ago to get their opinion) that and would be more than happy to implement such a protocol server-side for client-side integration with a Free app such as Rhythmbox. All that is needed, is some competent people (which I'm affraid I'm not, in that matter) to make it happen.

download client for Linux to aid in getting whole albums and rename
the files to your own preferences. Even with all those things going
for it, I still don't think it's practical to try and integrate a
"storefront" into RB. It's only a web browser away anyway. :-)

There must be a reason for iTunes' success, right? I do think like *many* people that it is just more convenient. Besides, how hard can it be to implement it in RB? It already parses XML; next, integrate Gecko (for instance) just like Epiphany does. Am I talking out of my bottom here? Honest question - as I said, I'm not competent in that matter. I don't have a good idea of how much work it would take...

Now, if you could get (or similar compatible service) to
sponsor RB in some way, that might be a different story. :-)

Being Free Software friendly is one thing, investing money when you're struggling to compete with iTunes is another :-/

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