Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] column resizing weirdness

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 21:20, John Russell wrote:

> I did this and I have to say, I think it looks a lot better with the
> standard gtk tree view.  Is there any chance of switching back to the
> standard widget?  Here's my reasoning for this.

On smaller screens I can see how it can be a problem.  I know several
other apps use the horizontal scrollbar, but I do think that not using
one gives Rhythmbox a more elegant feel.  Not having to scroll, and
being able to see everything easily at once is nice.  It just looks more

At the same time, I understand it is a restriction, because you might
want to be able to see all the columns at once, and Rhythmbox just
doesn't let you.

What do other people think?  I am open to opinions here.

> 1) Like I said before, with as many as 9 columns visible, no scrolling
> makes most of the columns unreadable.  

Right, well, one answer to that might be to cut down on the number of

> 2) The column resizing with the rb-tree-view looks really bad.  Its slow
> and it doesn't work the way it feels like it should... and isn't that
> what most of the UI tries to do anyway?

Yeah, it is bad.  I'm not totally convinced yet it's worse than having a
scrollbar though.

> 3) Using the standard widget keeps RB hackers from having to maintain
> their own subclass of gtk-tree-view.  

Right now this isn't so much of an issue.

> 4) the resizing thing again, just to be sure no one missed it.


> I was going to attach screenshots, but right now RB is crashing whenever
> I import anything.... sorry.

Yeah, known bug in GStreamer:

(This is what's holding up the Rhythmbox 0.7.1 release).

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