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I've had this same issue in relation to missing network shares when I've inadvertantly rebooted the desktop machine before the server after shutting down my home network on a couple of occasions. I am now contemplating moving my music files temporarily to another machine while I rebuild the server. I am wondering how to do this without losing all my rhythmbox data.


AFAIK, this can be solved easily, when importing songs, RB should check
if files are on a mount. If they are, only delete em when mount is
actually mounted, else just temporarily hide em.

The mounting part is easy, the hiding involves a bit more work.

Now if only my C skills were a bit better...

Greetings, Ruben

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 16:39 +0100, A. S. Budden wrote:

Hi there,

I'm using Rhythmbox 0.8.4 on Mandrake 10 Official.  Since I use a laptop
with a relatively small hard drive, I keep all of my music on an
external firewire drive.  I don't carry this drive around with me and I
have it set up to mount only when I tell it to.  Unfortunately, this
causes major problems if I accidentally run Rhythmbox without mounting
the drive.  The library is instantly cleared and all my static playlists
are wiped.  I spent absolutely ages preparing the playlists and it's
exceedingly frustrating seeing rhythmbox zap them without even telling
me that it's doing so.

I'm sending this email in order to beg someone to fix this bug as it is
driving me up the wall.  Next time I can be bothered to spend the time
making the playlists I'll try to remember to back up the playlists.xml
file, but it's still irritating having to wait while Rhythmbox rescans
25GB of mp3s for the ID3 tags -- a process which is far from instant
over a firewire link.

Many thanks,

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