Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch question: downloaded music RBSource

On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 08:27, Yo'av Moshe wrote:
> Neat idea. I'd defentely use the patch :D 
> I always wanted to play my downloaded music with RhythmBox but faced the same problems as you did. 
> The new "Downloaded Music" source sound good to me, and maybe it should be extended into something like "directories out of database", so that you can have more than one of this kind, like "aMule, "giFT", "Web", etc'. 
> Yo'av.
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> From: Peter Williams <peter newton cx>


> Motivation: When I download music files, they land in ~/incoming. I want
> to play these files in Rhythmbox, but I don't want to add everything I
> download to my database, because a) I won't want to keep some of the
> songs, b) ~/incoming isn't where I store my music if I do decide to keep
> it, and c) manually adding each downloaded file is sort of annoying.


I've run into similar issues.  There have been discussions here and
elsewhere about why Rhythmbox users keep XMMS around.  When I want to
play a new song that isn't (yet) in my library, I turn to XMMS - I might
be verifying the quality of the encode, it might not be in it's
permanent home in the file system, or the tags might not be cleaned up
yet - all reasons to hold off adding to the library.  So I have Nautilus
set to launch XMMS when I doubleclick an mp3.  Of course, once I've done
all the cleanup and I've added it to the library, Rhythmbox ensures I
may never need to look at those files again with Nautilus or any other
player, and Rhythmbox probably accounts for 98% of my mp3 listening, but
that 2%....

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