[Rhythmbox-devel] Usage Feature

I don't know if anybody had thought about the following:
You want to build up a playlist while listening to the music (for example at a 
party). I know it is possible by dragndrop, but you don't see the content of 
the playlist at the same time. An other problem is if you double click 
accidentely on an other file in the library you leave the playlist 
immediately and stop the currently playing song.
A solution would be a "play list" mode which would change the GUI the 
following way:
The source window would contain only play lists.
The main window would be similar to the libray view, but with an additional 
view of the chosen playlist. Then one has to change only a view things, e.g. 
only songs in the playlist can be played and worked on.
What do you think of that?


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