[Rhythmbox-devel] Auto-rating and inactivity


I read in the archives a mention that Rhythmbox would not auto-rate songs whilst the computer was inactive, but the user had left rhythmbox playing.

I mention this because I usually leave Rhythmbox playing overnight. Recently Rhythmbox has started auto-rating songs that have been playing. For example today I woke up to find that all my Weezer songs have been bumped up to five stars -- most of which I didn't even hear because I was asleep.

I am sure that RB did not used to do this, so I think it might be a change I have made to my system. I have changed to the 2.6.6 kernel and had to compile that without ACPI or APM because my system will not boot with these loaded. This seems to remove various other features that are based on computer usage, so I thought this may have something to do with it.

How does RB work out when you are inactive and as such stop auto-rating? I'd really like to work this out because I find auto-rating useful, but if anything I happen to leave playing gets auto-rated it isn't so good!



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