Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Mp3 Default Application - Gnome

W liście z sob, 24-07-2004, godz. 09:12, Alvaro Zuniga pisze: 
> I might have change this myself but I doubt it. I love XMMS and has
> server me well for many years. Today, I double clicked an Mp3 and it
> pulled out your application. How did this happen?

This is because RB provides MIME-capabilities description which is then
merged into system-wide database. If it happens that RB gets higher
priority than XMMS (on GNOME it does), then the result is change of
default handler. This isn't RB specific thing, that's the way types
association is handled in general. You can manually override that by
right-clicking on mp3 file, choosing Open with -> Other... and then
setting XMMS as default.

> Once again, this might have been my wrong doing. HOwever, if it is a
> Microsoft like trick where I did not click something while installing,
> or you simply take the liberty of taking my configuration, you are not
> going to go to far.

This is very un-microsoft like, it's basically the opposite of way win32
handles associations (each app is supposed to tinker with them itself,
preserving previous settings only if it feels like it). It just happens
to produce results different than desired in your specific case, but
you're free to correct that.


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