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Default Mp3
Sat, 24 Jul

I hope that I do get this email across. I installed your application but
I had a few problems. I left it alone to deal with it later.

Here is my problem.

I might have change this myself but I doubt it. I love XMMS and has
server me well for many years. Today, I double clicked an Mp3 and it
pulled out your application. How did this happen?

Once again, this might have been my wrong doing. HOwever, if it is a
Microsoft like trick where I did not click something while installing,
or you simply take the liberty of taking my configuration, you are not
going to go to far.

I am using Gentoo and I simply did "emerge unmerge Rhythmbox" and well,
I am affraid of trying this again.

Maybe Gentoo is responsible, who knows.

I strongly suggest you do not begin the life of an application in this
fashion. If it was not your doing please disregard my complaint.
However, if it is you stop doing this. Do not become a Microsoft
wormlike application because some people might get very angry and before
you know, your servers no longer work etc etc etc. Some people take this
very persona.

Thank you very much for your time. I truly look forward for a year from
now to see how your application is doing.


An avid linux user

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