Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Helping with ipod support


> I haven't really looked at the HAL code in rhythmbox yet, is it in
> CVS?.

This should be in CVS HEAD now. What about getting it through arch
though? ;)

>            <merge key="portable_audio_player.output" type="string">mp3 wma</merge>
>            <merge key="portable_audio_player.input" type="string">wav</merge>

This "supported file format" list might quickly get messy :-/ Some
players won't probably be able to play DRM'ed WMAs, the iPod AAC files
can use either a lossy codec or a lossless one and they can have DRM.
Moreover, a firmware update was needed to get lossless AAC support on
the iPod (I don't even know if older iPods can support lossless AACs at
Something like what you propose will probably work most of the time, but
I just wanted to point out that getting something theoritically perfect
could be much more difficult ;)


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