Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin architecture?

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 18:41 -0700, Ben Weintraub wrote:
> Hello,
> I really like rhythmbox because of its great, simple interface.  There
> are, however, some 'extraneous' features that I would really like to
> have integrated with it that I don't think every user would want
> included (ie support for my Rio through rioutil, 

Yeah, avoiding linking to all these different libraries and utilities is
probably the best reason for a plugin architecture.

> automatic lyrics
> lookup,

Hm, I think you could do this pretty easily through Bonobo or D-BUS
(once we have that).

>  and automatic musicbrainz tagging like the musicbrainz tagger
> for windows). 

Not that easy.  You can have conflicts or imprecise matches in
Musicbrainz, so you really need a dedicated UI for it.

>  I haven't looked very closely at the code yet, but I
> was wondering if there is some formalized way of creating rhythmbox
> plugins. 

Not yet.  I think we're still a bit far from wanting to commit to the
level of API/ABI freeze that having a plugin architecture would entail.

>  If not, what would you recommend for someone such as myself
> wanting to add 'fluffy' functionality like this?

If you wanted to investigate it now, that'd be cool, but I wouldn't put
a whole lot of work into making it complete when things could change in
the future.

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