Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a bug report and some feature requests

On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 08:04, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
> > > Problem with 0.6.5 on slackware with gstreamer 0.6.4:
> > > Mp4 through faad doesn't work (support is compiled in). I tried to load 
> >and
> > > play an .aac mp4 audio file and I get the error "couldn't parse 
> >playlist".
> > >
> >GStreamer 0.6 doesn't support AAC.
> No, but faad does. And Rhythmbox can link and load faad (supposedly) when 
> compiled with --enable-mp4, as I did it. If that option is present and 
> available to the user, it should have worked, no?

Yes, well, this is kind of fallout from the current (0.6) schizophrenic
way we handle loading and playing music.  Here's the deal.  At compile
time, support for certain MIME types can be added, including Vorbis,
MP3, and AAC.  The internal library that does this is called
"monkey-media".  This operates *completely* independently from
playback.  All the above guarantees is that it can be displayed.

For playback, Rhythmbox can use either GStreamer or Xine.  The way both
of these detect the media type operates completely differently from how
Rhythmbox detects it (gnome-vfs).  So it's quite possible to have
Rhythmbox load a song into your library, but the player backend not be
able to play it.  In this case, GStreamer doesn't have a standard AAC
plugin, so it's quite unlikely you'll be able to play it.

This is fixed in the upcoming 0.7 series by using GStreamer for
metadata.  Then, if you have a GStreamer plugin, you will be able to
both load a song into your library and play it.  Moreover, this will
happen at runtime, so if you add a GStreamer plugin, you get Rhythmbox
support for that media type.  

Now, what we could do for 0.6 is disable support for AAC if you're using
GStreamer as a backend, since there is no known GStreamer AAC plugin. 
The problem with this is that in theory, someone could write one. One
major point of GStreamer is that individual users and third-party
developers can add their own plugins.  So it's kind of ugly to close
that out by hardcoding disabling AAC if we're using GStreamer.

Anyways, I hope this all makes sense.  The bottom line here is that I
understand it's confusing, and fixing it is something that is a major
point of the Rhythmbox 0.7.x series and the GStreamer 0.7.x series.

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