[Rhythmbox-devel] release plans


So I'd like to cut a 0.6.5 release fairly soon, probably by tomorrow. 
If there are any pending patches you think should be in, please let me

Now, as for 0.7: it looks like we aren't going to be included in GNOME
2.6 officially.  Influential people on the release team were of the
opinion it Rhythmbox would be better in a separate multimedia release.

Personally, my criteria for 0.7 being included in GNOME was getting
GStreamer metadata loading working.  It's still up in the air as to
whether or not GStreamer will work well enough in that timeframe.

Since up until now we'd been aiming for the GNOME 2.6 schedule,
including the feature and UI freeze, this would push things such as the
ipod integration to a 0.9 branch.

So given the above, I propose we don't try to get 0.7 in GNOME 2.6.  It
was a cool idea at first, but really, I think we've done really well so
far with separate releases.

If we don't aim 0.7 for GNOME 2.6, this opens the door to other UI
changes (needed to fix some currently open bugs) and integration of
things like the ipod work.  

This would also give the GStreamer people more time to get things right,
since they don't have to worry about us breathing down their necks as

Oh and something I forgot to mention earlier: the plan is that 0.7.x
releases will be a development series.  Then when we release it
officially, it's 0.8.  Then 0.8.x are stable releases, much like ones in
0.6.x are now.


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