Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Now playing/Queue It Up - Media Player 9

> Colin suggested he'd be interested in seeing how Media Player handles
> the whole "Now Playing" issue.
> I've uploaded a screenshot to
> This shows:
> - The location of "Now playing" [Top left] in the "library"
> - The method of browing music by album
> - Context menu for choosing to play, or queue-up
> --- As you'd expect "Play" is the default if you double-click an item
> --- "Play" replaces the current "Now Playing" playlist entirely

I don't think necessarily that this is the 'obvious' behavior.  To me, it 
is obvious for 'play now' to insert at top of 'now playing' and switch to 
this song now, but not to necessarily delete everything I have created 

Since I am clearly in the minority here I won't push the point, but I just 
wanted to point it out.  In fact, Colin mentioned that this behavior 
(entire 'now playing' queue cleared automatically) would be surprising.

But I can see both cases actually.

> --- "Queue-it-up" adds the selection to the end of the "Now Playing"
> playlist
> - The "Queue-it-up" button [Top] that can be used in place of the
> context menu
> Hope this helps

Cool. Thanks.


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