[Rhythmbox-devel] Now playing/Queue It Up - Media Player 9

Colin suggested he'd be interested in seeing how Media Player handles
the whole "Now Playing" issue.

I've uploaded a screenshot to http://www.leewillis.co.uk/MP9.PNG

This shows:
- The location of "Now playing" [Top left] in the "library"
- The method of browing music by album
- Context menu for choosing to play, or queue-up
--- As you'd expect "Play" is the default if you double-click an item
--- "Play" replaces the current "Now Playing" playlist entirely
--- "Queue-it-up" adds the selection to the end of the "Now Playing"
- The "Queue-it-up" button [Top] that can be used in place of the
context menu

Hope this helps
Lee Willis <lee@leewillis.co.uk>

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