Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Case-sensitivity in ID3 display

Yeah, but every other media player does have some heuristic to group
them. If we worry on the now playing front about new user reactions, why
not about this?

Also, if rhythmbox lacks tag-editting support (for now, at least), then
thats not really a solution.

If I was to write a patch that did just spacing and capitilization
fix-up (and possibly prompted user for which was correct), is there any
chance it could be accepted (but allow it to be disabled by registry /
dialog / preference)?

My idea is this:

"Test "
" test"

are seen by rhythmbox, and it prompts the user which one to apply to
all, or whether to ignore this.

Possibly this could even be a wizard (File->Fix ID3 Tags), which would
be nice.

-- Matt Jones

> hmmm...
> but why people don't fix the id3 tags in their files?
> i mean if i have a lot of files, and some have "queen", some "Queen",
> some "the queen" and some "The Queen",
> then i  fix the tags by myself, and don't expect rhythmbox to use some
> clever heuristics to group them.
> or, if there comes a feature like that, i'd like to have a switch to
> disable it.
> gabor
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