[Rhythmbox-devel] new centralized archive: rhythmbox-devel gnome org--2004

Hi all,

I'd been waiting for the new container.gnome.org machine to set this up,
but since there's been no news about that for a while I decided to just
go ahead and do it on verbum.org: There's now a central
rhythmbox-devel@gnome.org--2004 arch repository.  It's at

The idea here is that we gain centralization again - no longer is my
personal archive special in any way.  This is very convenient if you
just want to fix small bug, update a translation, etc., and don't want
to nag me to merge.  I'd still like to have major patches go by me

The development web page is updated with these changes:

So right now there are several people who have commit access: myself,
Christophe Fergeau, Benjamin Otte, and Sriram Ramkrishna.  I've sent
email to other people who I think should have access.  If you didn't get
an email from me, and you think you should have, please catch me via

For people who are just following Rhythmbox development, please start
checking out: rhythmbox-devel@gnome.org--2004/rhythmbox--mainline--0.7
instead of my branch.

Now, if you have an existing branch of Rhythmbox in your personal
archive, you need to re-tag it from the new main branch.  Here's how (be
sure to substitute me@example.com--2004 with your archive name, and
"patch-n" on the first line with the highest patch number in your

$ tla delta walters@rhythmbox.org--2003b/rhythmbox--mainline--0.7--base-0 me@example.com--2004/rhythmbox--mainline--0.7--patch-n ,delta
$ tla tag rhythmbox-devel@gnome.org--2004/rhythmbox--main--0.7 me@example.com--2004/rhythmbox--mainline--0.7
$ tla get me@example.com--2004/rhythmbox--mainline--0.7 rhythmbox
$ cd rhythmbox
$ tla dopatch ../,delta .
$ tla commit -s 'reapply changes from my branch'

Basically all we do is get a changeset representing all the changes in
your branch, then add a tag in your branch referring back to the new
archive, then reapply your local changes and commit them.  The only sort
of complex part is the 'delta' command, and I'm working on a tla patch
now to make that simpler.

Oh! And also, the new archive is GPG signed.  The keyids of the various
developers are linked off the development web page.  If you're using the
new tla signature checking, you'll want to grab those and import them.

This is a digitally signed message part

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