Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] UTF-8 issues still present

> This is characteristic of an UTF-8 which was considered as being
> iso8859-1 encoded (in UTF-8, most 8 bit characters are coded on 2 bytes,
> and in iso8859-1, 1 character is always 1 byte long).

Yeah, I realized this much.  Just used to applications being smart
enough to detect "bad" utf8 characters and convert them from latin1, or
"good" utf8 characters and not doing anything with them.

> id3v2 tags have a bit which specify whether a tag is UTF-8 encoded or
> not. Is this bit properly set ? (see "ID3v2 frame overview" at

Helps to a point.  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any editors out
there that actually support this flag, including id3lib (unless their
API documentation hasn't been updated).

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