[Rhythmbox-devel] UTF-8 issues still present

I'm still having issues with utf-8 id3v2 tags...  I'm using both easytag
and a homegrown perl script using the Encode library to tag and/or
convert tags to utf-8  If I use the id3v2 program on the command line to
list the tags, the results from my script and from easytag both produce
readable results, but rhythmbox views the utf-8 characters as
corrupted(?) and displays them as two separate characters.

I've tried to strip the v1 tags, which I understand can only contain
latin1 characters, but even with only the v2 tags, rhythmbox still
displays them as "corrupt" utf-8.  I'm still new to this whole encoding
stuff, but if gnome-terminal and easytag both "see" the utf-8
characters, shouldn't gnome-terminal?  I've tried things like:

id3v2 -l myfile.mp3 > test.text
gedit test.txt

and the characters also display correctly.  I've verified that the file
contains utf-8 text by looking at a hexdump of the file, so nothing is
getting converted back to latin1.


Oh, and a pet peeve regarding right-clicking.  I select a bunch of songs
in the list, and then go to right-click and delete them (which should
probably be called "remove from list" or something so users don't think
it will delete their files, too), but when I right-click, it unselect my
selection and re-selects a single song.  Right-click shouldn't modify
the selection if it's going to bring up a menu to act upon the

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