[Rhythmbox-devel] directory issues...

using .6.4 in fedora.

Whenever I go to open a directory/file, it seems to be grabbing the
parent directory, rather than the directory I choose.  And when I go
back in, instead of remembering the directory I was in, it sticks me
into the parent..

Thus, on my machine, if I want to load the files in
/pub/music/genre/album1/ I navigate to that directory and click OK.  It
loads the files just fine, but when I go back to load another directory,
all of a sudden, I'm in /pub/music/genre/.  This is rather confusing,
since obviously rhythmbox is trying to put me back where I was, but is
off by one level.  This doesn't happen if I click on an individual file
in the directory - only if I select the directory itself.

I'm also confused by the file dialog, which unfortunately I don't think
rhythmbox has much control over.  I'd expect that if I'm opening a
directory, I can pick it from the list and click OK, but instead, I have
to actually double-click on the directory to enter it and THEN click OK.

Chris Petersen
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