Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Proposed UI change to shuffle checkbox

> But do we really need to expose it in the UI in such a way?  My gut
> feeling is that we should keep shuffle as a simple checkbox that is
> enabled or not; that's all that I think most people will want.
> It seems to me that the various Random modes are really a variant on
> shuffle + repeat.  If I have shuffle + repeat on, that's where I would
> expect it to choose songs randomly, since in effect the playlist is
> infinitely long.  *Perhaps* there could be UI to change this in the
> preference dialog.  I feel more though that we should try to pick one of
> them that's just *right* for most people, and have a GConf key for
> everyone else.

Why not keep the checkbox and then in the preferences decide what the 
shuffle behavior is?  Does that make sense?


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