Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox EQ Plugin

 i'm going to pull gstreamer, gst-plugins etc... from CVS. thanks for the tips.

-------------or stuff ---------------------------
the other thing about EQ is : like winamp/xmms one should be able to have eq presets per song(auto load) and default presets.
this would have to reside in the rhythmdb (?).
so it needs to work fluently with rhythmbox as well.

the idea is:
1] song prepares to start playing: 
2] for each enabled plugin do:
   > look for autoload preset(in       
   > if found, load autoload preset,
   >     otherwize, 
   > load default/do-nothing preset.
   end loop:
3] play song.

[here plugin means a gstreamer effect plugin].

xmms has this for EQ. however, if you use the LADSPA plugin for xmms, 
      1) it does not save between sessions. every time you start xmms, you have to setup the LADSPA plugin again.
      2) No individual song settings, what sounds great on one song will suck on another.

the plugin interface should allow each plugin to register itself with the database, so that each song will have individual settings per plugin.
 and this gets messy. :<
--> dynamic sized records in the song database.
or are we forced into CORBA?

just my thoughts.
it is going to take me some time to figure out the 
intricacies of GST_Plugins, so all the above is just pipedreaming for now. 
my first goal is to understand how to get a gstreamer effect working properly in rhythmbox. (or maybe in the gst-editor) 

hmm.. i've realised how hard it is to write 'easy to use' software that 'just works'.

--- Benjamin Otte <> wrote:
You need GStreamer support for this, because the whole sound processing is
done via GStreamer.
The way to enjoy an equalizer therefore is like this:
1) get a GStreamer effect that does what you want. (There is no such
element, so it needs to be written.)
2) use/design an interface to export the functionality. (There is none you
could use...)
3) write a widget that exports the functionality of that interface to the
user. (There obviously is no such widget either)
4) make the GStreamer guys agree on 1) and 2) and the Rhythmbox guys agree
on 3) and include the widget/required code changes in their trees.
5) enjoy the equalizer

Guess you can imagine now why many people ask about it but noone wrote one
yet. :)


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