Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox EQ Plugin

You need GStreamer support for this, because the whole sound processing is
done via GStreamer.
The way to enjoy an equalizer therefore is like this:
1) get a GStreamer effect that does what you want. (There is no such
element, so it needs to be written.)
2) use/design an interface to export the functionality. (There is none you
could use...)
3) write a widget that exports the functionality of that interface to the
user. (There obviously is no such widget either)
4) make the GStreamer guys agree on 1) and 2) and the Rhythmbox guys agree
on 3) and include the widget/required code changes in their trees.
5) enjoy the equalizer

Guess you can imagine now why many people ask about it but noone wrote one
yet. :)


On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Shanat Krishnamurti wrote:

> hello,
> this is my first post so...(been lurking for a couple of weeks tho)
> i would like to add effects plugins to rhythmbox.
> my priority is EQ, but a generic interface would help ().
>  i have been looking thru the code + DESIGN + INTERNALS, and i am not sure where i would add the code. (not the UI code, just the DSP stuff).
> i think it would have to go in the monkey media object. ?
>  what i want to find: the interface by which i can fool around with the audio stream, before it hits the output sink.
> similar to the way the volume control works.
> very simply, eq is just volume control of specified frequencies.
> so , where/how should i go about implementing it?
> 1) as a normal C struct + glade UI.
> 2) as a bonobo component?? i'm not very clear on the workings of bonobo tho.
> 3) monkey media add-on?
> 4) Gstreamer add on.
> i have heard that LADSPA is supported by gstreamer.
> there (gstreamer) seems the best place for me to put EQ (using a (modified?) LADSPA multiband eq as the dsp end). not reinventing the wheel here, i just want the UI to fit smoothly in rhythmbox and mebbe other gnome containers as well. as the default ladspa on the fly  GUI is irritating.
> + in my opinion, EQ is an integral part of an audio player, whereas stuff like flange, reverb.. would be much better suited as effect addons (so their look isnt as important).
> if any of you could point out links, or have any suggestions, that would be really nice :P
> also, what would be the ideal place for the UI part of EQ, in the rhythmbox environment/shell? (menu item, embedded widget, new window/dialog/notebook page ...?)
> thanks again.
> shanat.
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