Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Proposed: Rhythmbox

> Part of me thinks a dbus event "com.burtonini.soundjuicer.SongExtracted"
> may be a good idea[1], that way Jamboree can do the same trick...
> I've also been asked a way to run a shell script when a song is
> extracted, all of these problems should really be solved with a single
> feature.  Not sure what it will look like though...  

Fwiw, at one point I started to add some bonobo support to SoundJuicer
so that other apps can monitor what SoundJuicer was currently doing.
Events were also emitted each time a song was ripped. I never finished
the patch, and I don't know if I still have it somewhere, but this can
be used to solve the various things you want to be done the same way. I
can look for it and finish it if there is interest in such a patch.


> /me thinks
> How about I allow the user to set a program to run every time a song is
> extracted, and supply a small program to fire a D-BUS event as an
> example. Then if the Rhythmbox command line was extended to include
> --add-to-library (just looked, should be easy if this isn't already in
> 0.7), that could be used for Rhythmbox users.  When Rhythmbox first
> starts SJ it can check the value of this key, and show a dialog if it
> isn't set to call RB again.
> Of course, the master plan should involve me installing the extracting
> GObject in libsj, and RB providing its own UI, integrating into the
> Audio CD source.
> Ross
> [1] I may implement this solely as an exercise in learning dbus

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