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On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 23:13, Glynn Foster wrote:
> I'd like to see the sound-juicer integration work been done [1] before
> it gets my vote for inclusion.
> [1] if it's not already, I'm woefully out of touch.

At the moment there is partial integration -- if sound-juicer is
installed Rhythmbox will display an menu entry to start it.

I have some patches hanging around somewhere which let SJ notify
Rhythmbox when it has extracted a song, this is done with Bonobo.  I'm
not 100% convinced that this is a good idea -- I'd like something more

Part of me thinks a dbus event "com.burtonini.soundjuicer.SongExtracted"
may be a good idea[1], that way Jamboree can do the same trick...

I've also been asked a way to run a shell script when a song is
extracted, all of these problems should really be solved with a single
feature.  Not sure what it will look like though...  

/me thinks

How about I allow the user to set a program to run every time a song is
extracted, and supply a small program to fire a D-BUS event as an
example. Then if the Rhythmbox command line was extended to include
--add-to-library (just looked, should be easy if this isn't already in
0.7), that could be used for Rhythmbox users.  When Rhythmbox first
starts SJ it can check the value of this key, and show a dialog if it
isn't set to call RB again.

Of course, the master plan should involve me installing the extracting
GObject in libsj, and RB providing its own UI, integrating into the
Audio CD source.


[1] I may implement this solely as an exercise in learning dbus
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