Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] working towards 0.7.1

> So I'd like to cut 0.7.1 fairly soon.  My main question is about the
> iPod support - have people tested it?  What should we advertise it as? 
> "some iPod code"? "iPod support"? "initial iPod support"?

Whats your target date?  I still have to do the statusbar merge.  We can 
always get rid of the bonobo toolbar when we cut 0.7.1 if I don't make it 
in time. But it'll be good to know so I can plan it.

> Also, can anyone think of showstoppers with the current code?

The only thing I had was the autoplaylist stuff wasn't working for me.  
But thats all fixed, so yay. :)

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