Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RhythmBox Question

ShadyX wrote:
> My MP3 CD player, and the HDD based MP3 player I plan to get, only support WMA and MP3.  I have limited space, so WMA is by far the better option for me.  I see that RB is based on both Xine and Gstreamer framework.  I've already configured Xine to support WMA files (I've been using it to play them), though I'm not sure about Gstreamer.  My question is; does RB support WMAs?  Is there some plugin or config file I need to setup for this to work?  I've been searching the web for a few hours, and I can't find any information beyond the Xine codecs.

I asked walters about this, and you basically have to program 
monkey-media to recognize wma file type...(actually stream asf?), which 
is not all that hard, but too difficult for me (I tried, and couldn't 
get it to work).

As for gstreamer, I read something about Uraeus getting gst-player 
working with .mov file (shrek2),

so assuming the codec was Sorenson-3(?), it was done in the same way as 
xine...(ffmpeg), so its definitely practical, not just theory.

It would be nice if some guru could take 5 minutes of your time and get 
this working at least with monkey-media/xine.


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