[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: proper shutdown on ctrl-c and other stuff

On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 19:29, Andreas Bombe wrote:

> a) signal() is ANSI-C and b) if the user starts it from the command line
> they may expect a CTRL-C to shut it down cleanly (I certainly did).
> Also a "kill $pid" should result in clean shutdown.

It would be nice, I agree.  I just don't want to create two or three
problems in an attempt to solve one.

And again I think it's worth emphasizing that this behavior isn't
specific to Rhythmbox, so solving it just here doesn't make sense.  

Probably the thing you're really complaining about is that Rhythmbox
doesn't periodically save its state, so if it gets killed or crashes
then you lose everything up till when you started it.  That is
definitely a bug.   Fixing it is a little tricky though for a few

> I don't know - nicer-looking indentation?  The tabs are set at 8 spaces,
> right?  There should be no problem doing it the way Emacs does it by
> default (tabs as far as possible then fill with spaces).
> The mixed tabs/spaces I referred to were spaces followed by tabs in the
> same line.

Ick.  Where is code that does that?

> Is there a line length limit you'd prefer?  The HACKING file mentions
> style but no line length.

Just not "too long" :)  Something over 100 is probably a candidate for
being separated into multiple lines, as long as it doesn't get uglier in
the process...

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