[Rhythmbox-devel] column resizing weirdness

I am using RB 0.65.  My question has to do with the resizing of
columns.  When I mouse over the border between two column headers in the
track list and drag to one side.... I have trouble even describing what
happens its so weird.  I drag the border between artist and album toward
artist and title and genre both resize larger?  What gives?  I was just
expecting artist to get smaller and album to get larger.  Nothing else.

Is this working as intended?  If so, what is the logic behind what is
going on?  Is this a lower level problem with the gtk widget?  If so,
why do other apps seem to behave ok in this regard (e.g. nautilus). 
Maybe I'm just missing how useful it is.  Thanks for the help and the
great program.

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