[Rhythmbox-devel] Ripping CDs problem

I tried to rip tracks off an audio CD after installing Rhythmbox.  After 
taking time out to install Sound Juicer as requested, all I then got was a 
blank Sound Juicer window.  I assume that this is due to the "Failed to 
register the shell" message that I get when I start the application up, since 
it tells me that I won't get IPC (which I assume means Inter Process 
Communication?).  The FAQ tells me that I can get around this by linking the 
bonobo server into the correct directory, but I probably didn't do that 
correctly, and it still doesn't work.  Could somebody tell me exactly what I 
need to do to correct this problem?  I'd like to migrate my music listening 
across from my Windows machine, and I like the look of Rhythmbox...

Derrick Ashby

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