Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] AudioCD support


Matt Jones a écrit :

What kind of work / infrastructure would need to be completed? I'm
familiar with C and Gtk+ / Gnome development, although I haven't
developed with rhythmbox or gstreamer yet (I assume gstreamer should be
easy, based upon the example code I've seen before).
I have a lot amount of time on my hands for the next couple of weeks
(until the 18th of january), so this seems like a nice project.

I know that some gstreamer element (elements manipulating web streams mainly) emit a "new-media" event when the current song in the stream changes.Imo it could be interesting to look if the gstreamer cdparanoia element emits such events, and if not, add support for that to it, and teach rhythmbox to deal with locations containing several "medias" (ie to get the number of medias, to seek to a given media, ...) and to use that to handle audio cds. I'm not sure it's the right way to do it though, so you'd have to talk about it with the gstreamer guys first to know how they feel about it ;)
Then, you only have to add some glue code to get metadata for the cd using cddb or musicbrainz, to detect audio cd insertions/ejections (probably already done in nautilus-cd-burn or gnome-volume-manager) an write an audio cd source. Maybe it would be easier to develop that against the 0.9 branch.

Hope that helps,


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