Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Support for .mpc files? (new gstreamer musepack plugin)

Christophe Fergeau wrote :

> This patch (against 0.8.8)
> should be enough to add wma and mpc support to rhythmbox, but I'd like
> to have some testers to know if it works properly.

I know nothing about rhythmbox's code, but gave a glance at the patch...
and it looks weird to me :-)

- Why "MusePack" in the video/x-ms-asf ffdec section? Copy/paste typo?
- Why do you remove MonkeysAudio from the supported file types?
- How come having musepackdec triggers "application/x-apetag" support?

If it's the .mpc and .ape share the same application/x-apetag mime type,
then isn't it a problem since musepack and monkeysaudio are supported by
two different plugins, and that users may have only one of the two
installed? Just wondering.


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