Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] playlist source burner

On Sun, 2004-08-29 at 14:12, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Hi,
> Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > Hey Colin,
> I suppose that whatever is done should be consistent between the two 
> applications.  However, this method of automatically finding a temporary 
> directory doesn't work very well in a few cases.
>   - g_get_tmp_dir is too small or already used (perhaps by other users)
>   - g_get_home_dir is on a (remote) filesystem that is unacceptable for 
> use with streaming media
>   - user doesn't know how to or cannot set TMPDIR|TMP|TEMP for only this 
> process
> And possibly:
>   - sysadmin wants to set a default / mandated location for large media 
> scratch files
> I think this may actually hit more users than it might seem.  However, I 
> think these all involve some sysadmin involvement at some point.  So, 
> how about checking: GConf key shared between n-c-b and rb for media 
> scratch location, g_get_tmp_dir(), g_get_home_dir()?  And removing the 
> UI for the folder selection?

There's no need to have this key shared between the two applications,
simply use the same "algorithm".

> Using an autodetected large local volume without the user's consent may 
> not be so good.  If RB happens to crash it will leave litter in an 
> unknown place.


> The next thing is to determine how much space will be needed.  The 
> easiest way is to compute it from the song duration.  Is it safe to rely 
> on the duration being present and correct?

And then verify that the .wav files created still fit on the CD.

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