[Rhythmbox-devel] artsdsink instead of osssink.

Hello all,

frst of all, please appologize my bad english.

I have compiled and installed rhythmbox-0.8.5 , gstreamer-0.8.4, 
gst-plugins-0.8.3 and some other plugins. The programm is great and full 

The audio output is astablished with the osssink plugin. Is it possible to use 
the artsdsink plugin?? If the answer is yes, how can i compile it in 
Rhythmbox. Or is it possible to start Rhythmbox with a certain option to use 
the artsdsink instead of the osssink plugin.

I searched all over the internet and the rhythmbox mailing lists but i don`t 
find any solution. 

who can help me?


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