[Rhythmbox-devel] More Suggestions

Hello list,

I've recently tried rbox 0.8.0 and got hooked immediately.

Apart from some minor quierks it's really one slick piece of software.
Thanks and props to the devs!

Here's some misbehaviour that I have spotted, tho:

1. The browser starts in default mode (ALL/ALL/ALL)
2. Select an Artist -> Selection narrows down to artist
3. Select an Album  -> Selection narrows to artist/album
4. Select "ALL" in the Artist-pane -> Album jumps back to "ALL", too

Imho #4 is wrong.
I often search by artist and then want to see the whole album (VA).
Is it a bug or is it me? :)

Well, while I'm at it, below some feature-requests:

- Directory Tree View
  In addition to the existing browser-panes I'd love to have a tree view
  that allows me to browse my collection by directory.
  I have tons of poorly tagged/named mp3s laying around, so the search
  by artist/album doesn't always do the right thing for me.

- Jump to playing song (CTRL-J)
  Seems like this always resets the browser to ALL/ALL/ALL.
  Would be nice to have it go back to the playlist/pane-pos where it was
  when I last time manually started a song.
- Display more info for currently playing song, Make it draggable
  Would be nice if most of the playing song info was visible all the time
  so you don't have to CTRL-J to get at it. Also a small draggable icon next
  to the song-info would be good so you can drag it to playlists without
- Song-/Artist-name click-action
  The websearch is pretty useless to me. Would be nice if it was configurable
  to do whatever I want (e.g. open song properties/jump to song as in
  CTRL-J, launch a script)

- Advanced Playlist feats.
  * Playlist in playlist (drag playlist onto another to "chain" them up)
  * Actions over the files in a playlist, like:
    "copy all files to directory"
    "execute script for each file"

Any comments/opinions welcome!

best regards, keep up the great work!

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