[Rhythmbox-devel] feature request: sorting files

hi rhythmbox-folks!

first of all: i really enjoy your cool program. it rocks. plz keep up 
the good work!

ok, i would like to request a special feature. actually, it's 2 features 
but i guess that the first one is already about to be implemented...

here we go:
let's assume i pick just one band and i have 3 complete albums of that 
first of all, i wanna be able to sort by year (itunes does that one too, 
so i guess that's pretty easy to implement)
now, if i sort by year, the internal order of the albums songnumbers 
should not get mixed up.

lets do it for weezer, just to show what i mean. the songs should be 
listed in that order:

blue album (1994) song 1 (my name is jonas)
blue album (1994) song 2 (no one else)
blue album (1994) song 10 (only in dreams)
pinkerton (1996) song 1 (tired of sex)
pinkerton (1996) song 10 (butterfly)
green album (2001) song 1 (don't let go)
green album (2001) song 10 (o girlfriend)

that way, it would be possible to show a bands complete musical career 
in the correct order.

best regards,

Christian Paratschek
Tel.: +436509405929

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