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Quoting Luca Ferretti <>:

> On lun, 2003-09-15 at 11:26 -0500, Douglas McMorris wrote:
> > hey everybody (in tone of bad simpsons doctor)
> > 
> > I was looking around on the gnome forums and came across this:
> >
> > 
> > Which gave the me an idea... would it be ok to start a topic and have
> > people list their favorite iradio stations then we could get them into
> > the next rb version???
> > 
> A big iRadio list is a really good idea.
> What about add a "Download more internet radio" step in first time
> assistant?? And a menu entry somewere? 

Yeah, I personally think the ability to sync the iradio list periodically 
with shoutcast and live365 would be really nice.  Streamtuner does this 
already... when i get sometime I may play with the streamtuner code and see 
how usable this would be for us...  Iradio is updated from shoutcast and 
live365 when the user first runs rb, then the stations are cached... user 
added stations could be kept in a separate file and then shoutcast and 
live365 stations could be updated automatically somehow or perhaps by a menu 
option as well.  This would be a temporary solution, ones the backend 
rewrite is done it would be nicer to do an itunes like interface where it 
updates on accessing the catagorie... cacheing could be the fallback in this 

> > seems like thats the easiest way to get a large set of iradio stations
> > that people would want to use short of implementing a shoutcast
> > browser.... by the way, is that in the todo, b/c i think it definately
> > should be.
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