[Rhythmbox-devel] Re:Automatic Playlists


Thanks the reply, 

On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 08:34, Colin Walters wrote:
>> a)Editting lists

Cool, I will have look at this

>> b) The list doesn't contain enough possible tags - I know this is just a
>> start, but it should contain any possible library tags. Does the
>> rhythmdb allow querying on any tag?

>It does.  We just have to provide a UI for it.

Had a look at this last night, and I can get more tags in, but they don't do anything! Where would I have to look in the rhythmdb to extend the set of tags?

>> c) ...
> That is possible, but it's trickier.  You would have to do a full query,
>and then drop everything except the top 25 or whatever.  I'll definitely
> implement it eventually if no one beats me to it.

I'll look at this too, but might give up!

Keep up the great work!

Mark H.

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