[Rhythmbox-devel] can't hear music and workaround

Dear list,
I am using rhythmbox 0.5.88.
This is what I encountered:
I am using osssink, with alsasink I can hear no sound. I also tried esdsink,
buth rhythmbox says, that I have to turn off gnomes event sound. So 
tried the following with
osssink as the default sink.

1.    When I start rhythmbox and hit the play button it says:
osscommon: Cannot open /dev/dsp, generic error: Resource temporarily ...

2.    When I doubleclick on a song entry in the list I get the same.

3.    But when I first start rhythmbox.
       Enter at the shell the following:

gst-launch gnomevfssrc location="song.mp3" ! spider ! osssink

do: ctrl+c

and then double click a song in the list I can hear the music play.
The above message again showsup, if I simply hit the play button.

Hope this helps in any way.


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