[Rhythmbox-devel] Focus behavior in lists

IMHO is a bad implementation, but follow me:
     1. select the "Traditional" theme (or another theme that uses a
        different bg for selected but not active list item)
     2. start rb: you have Sources->Library and
        {Artist,Album,Genre}->All brown bg, no selection in song list
     3. Select a song in list: this song has now a green bg
     4. Select Radio in Source: as you can see now Source->radio and
        Genre->All have brown bg, no selection in radio list
     5. Reselect Library: the same point 3 appearance

What's wrong IMHO: I think that when you select Library in Source list
this one should be the active item. Same for Library->Radio.

Is this a bug[1] or just a personal taste? 

[1] are there any suggested behavior in HIG for list? I'll check it.

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