Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MP3 Audio in arch builds > 168

On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 08:13, Justin Miller wrote:
> When I try to play an mp3 on a build > 168, I get "Unknown media type". 

Do you mean 198?  In that patch I switched back to just using "spider"
to play mp3s, instead of looking at the filename extension (e.g. .mp3,
and using "mad").

What version of GStreamer are you using?  It's highly recommended that
you use 0.6.4.  Maybe what we should do is just flat-out require 0.6.4.

> Rhythmbox has the songs listed perfectly, and if I go back to 168, the 
> very same mp3s play fine. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem 
> might be? I really want to try out the latest Smart playlist or Auto 
> playlist, whatever the name was changed to, but I can't live without my 
> mp3s.

You can revert just a single patch like this:

tla get-patch ,patch-198
tla dopatch -r ,patch-198

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