Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] making it into GNOME 2.6

On Sun, 2003-10-19 at 23:06, Theodore Reed wrote:

> > 1) The history mechanism is pretty broken.  If you play a song, then
> > change the filter, then click back, rb crashes.  Also it doesn't take
> > into account the difference between iradio and songs (should it?)  
> I don't think it should. Having Back able to switch sources could be
> rather confusing. I'd rather that each source have its own history.

This makes a lot more sense, IMHO.

> I'm also hoping to get cdaudio done some time this week. Even if it
> comes too late to make it into 0.6.0, it should be ready for testing by
> next sunday, and can then make it into 0.6.1. I don't think it's a major
> make-or-break issue either way.

Especially since the feature freeze for modules is still a long way

 - jck

"The bugs in Sawfish, and its greater configurability, are not
orthogonal/unrelated facts"
-- Havoc Pennington

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