Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] XML?

On Sat, 2003-10-18 at 14:33, Colin Walters wrote:

> Any speed issues in general have very little to do with XML.

Hrm, ok.  Well, thanks for the clarification then. :)

> in the noise.  The real reason Jamboree is probably faster on startup is
> that it doesn't refresh your files.  
> The reason it is going to be faster on import is that it doesn't
> incrementally display the list as it's being loaded.  Personally, I like
> both of those Rhythmbox features.

Can the incremental display be turned off for the *first* import?  I
think that'd be a good balance between the positive sides of incremental
display, but it wouldn't be such a bad first impression for people who
are using the app for the very first time.  Otherwise, you're right, the
incremental loading is definitely a Good Thing.

> Browsing should be roughly equivalent.  I have had some ideas for
> speeding up browsing in rb more (specifically switching back to "All").

Cool, I can't wait!

"The bugs in Sawfish, and its greater configurability, are not
orthogonal/unrelated facts"
-- Havoc Pennington

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