Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] XML?

On Sat, 2003-10-18 at 14:25, Jens Knutson wrote:
> I just built RhythmBox CVS, and I have to say I'm damn impressed.  Once
> stabilized and fully optimized for speed, I'll FINALLY be able to DELETE

Glad you like it!

> Why is RB using XML instead of a normal database system? 

Any speed issues in general have very little to do with XML.
> (if for no other reason than parsing a 2.4MB
> XML file has *got* to take longer than a 1.1MB database, just from an
> I/O standpoint)  

Probably a little, but I think the speed difference there is mostly lost
in the noise.  The real reason Jamboree is probably faster on startup is
that it doesn't refresh your files.  

The reason it is going to be faster on import is that it doesn't
incrementally display the list as it's being loaded.  Personally, I like
both of those Rhythmbox features.

Browsing should be roughly equivalent.  I have had some ideas for
speeding up browsing in rb more (specifically switching back to "All").

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